Final JISCRI ProgressPost for PAXS: Plugins for Advanced Search and Export (for EPrints)

by Daniel Alexander Smith on October 19th, 2009

Title of Primary Project Output

PAXS: Plugins for Advanced Search and Export (for EPrints)

PAXS upgrades the search capability of any EPrints installation to add the following features:
  • Significant search speed-up
  • More accurate results (default EPrints search missed some results by not including all fields in results).
  • Word stemming support (for example, a search for “cancer” will return documents that match “cancer”, “cancerous”, “cancers” etc.)
  • Unicode coverage (for example, a search for “theatre” will match documents that contain “Théâtre”).
  • Easy-to-use user interface (see screenshots below, which show that the interface allows users to add fields to the search, rather than having to scroll through all available fields one a large page on the default EPrints search).

Screenshot or diagram of prototype

Here is the PAXS interface for Advanced search:
adv_search paxs
Here is the standard interface for Advanced Search within EPrints
adv_search eprints

Link to working prototype

Link to end user documentation

Link to code repository or API

Link to technical documentation

Technical documentation can be found in the code builds on:

Date prototype was launched

Prototypes launched on 11 September and 29 September.

Project Team Names, Emails and Organisations

Daniel Alexander Smith, ds at ecs dot soton dot ac uk, University of Southampton
Joe Lambert, jl2 at ecs dot ac dot uk, University of Southampton
mc schraefel, mc at ecs dot ac dot uk, University of Southampton

Project Website

Table of Content for Project Posts

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