Parse an HTML Table with PHP

by jl2 on October 14th, 2009

I recently was in the position where I needed to parse a table within an HTML file on a number of different pages.  To save myself some time I wrote this simple script to handle the parsing programatically.

The script will work with most simple tables where the <th> tag has been used to define headers. It is unlikely to work with nested tables! Essentially, it worked for the purposes it was created for but your milage may vary!

function parseTable($html)
  // Find the table
  preg_match("/<table.*?>.*?<\/[\s]*table>/s", $html, $table_html);
  // Get title for each row
  preg_match_all("/<th.*?>(.*?)<\/[\s]*th>/", $table_html[0], $matches);
  $row_headers = $matches[1];
  // Iterate each row
  preg_match_all("/<tr.*?>(.*?)<\/[\s]*tr>/s", $table_html[0], $matches);
  $table = array();
  foreach($matches[1] as $row_html)
    preg_match_all("/<td.*?>(.*?)<\/[\s]*td>/", $row_html, $td_matches);
    $row = array();
    for($i=0; $i<count($td_matches[1]); $i++)
      $td = strip_tags(html_entity_decode($td_matches[1][$i]));
      $row[$row_headers[$i]] = $td;
    if(count($row) > 0)
      $table[] = $row;
  return $table;

Download parseTable.php

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From PHP

  1. Derek permalink

    Thank you! I have been all over google looking for a simple version of this that I can use. This is absolutely perfect! This is the first I found with good regex.



  2. jim permalink

    it rocks… thanks

  3. Chals permalink

    please Download “parseTable.php” in some text format


  4. Shouldn’t it be this way?
    preg_match(“/(.*)/s”, $html, $table_html);

  5. whoa! it crashed my regexp )

  6. cool! you are so wonderful~

    it helps me a lot.

    thank you very much!

  7. daniele permalink

    How this works if you have a table in a table?
    I think it doesn’t work…


    will return this exact text: "”

  8. daniele permalink


    table 1
    table 2
    /table 2

    will match: table2

  9. fix: preg_match(“/(.*)?/s”, $html, $table_html);

    Note the (.*)? instead of .*? so that the matches are put into $table_html. Thanks.

  10. graeme permalink

    NM. Now, I see what Marat was saying. The first preg_match needs brackets.

  11. Andreas permalink

    How can i use this function. Can you give me an example please.


  12. Wow! after a 30 minutes of search i got something good.

  13. Dark knight permalink

    Sarah, these are beautiful! Your family clearly have amazing genes.

  14. Dark knight permalink

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  15. olympic london permalink

    Man I would love to have a job like that…

  16. Lurlene Prose permalink

    Andrea! That sounds amazing involving your kids in creative projects is the way to go. Sounds like creativity runs in the veins of your family. I’m super happy you’re enjoying the blog, thanks so much for your compliments comments like this are what makes blogging so so special. Have a wonderful weekend (and do share the outcome of your family collaboration!).

  17. iphone permalink

    Manche schaffen es, andere nicht.

  18. lordrt permalink

    hello, where can I get the php file to download? the link here is sending me to a blank page

  19. zygomatic permalink

    My PHP is a little rusty and I’m a novice for preg functions. Does anyone know a way to skip checking for TH tags if they don’t exist and/or just number the columns/indicies manually? Thanks

  20. paing permalink

    hmmm, cant download the parseTable.php

  21. It’s going to be ending of mine day, however before fknish I
    am reading this grteat piesce of writing to increase my know-how.

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