PAXS Export Plugin Released

by jl2 on September 11th, 2009

Our export plugin for EPrints3 is ready for download from the PAXS website

PAXS Export Plugin (r9)

The plugin aims to offer advanced utility to the existing ‘Export All’ feature which is built into the core EPrints3 codebase.

So what exactly does it allow you todo?

Perhaps you are only interested in the metadata of a subset of the results produced by a search? With the ‘Export All’ functionality in EPrints3 you would not be able to choose which results to include in a metadata export, if you got 100 results you would have 100 records in your export, irrespective of how many were actually of interest to you.

The PAXS Multi Export plugin lets you pick from the list of results how many you wish to export. It also interfaces with EPrints to offer all the export formats that you have available with regular ‘Export All’. The ‘Export All’ functionality is still included should you need it, but now you have a more refinable export option!

PAXS Multi Export plugin attaches itself using Javascript to minimise the number of template files you need to modify in your installation. The plugin will degrade gracefully if Javascript is not enabled and will revert back to the standard ‘Export All’ functionality.

important: PAXS Multi Export plugin will work with a default EPrints3 installation out of the box but you may have some issues if you have heavily customised the DOM layout of your results pages. Should you need help installing the plugin on your own repository, please contact us

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